UK Immigration Law and Rules are designed to protect jobs in the United Kingdom for people already allowed to live and work in this country. This makes it difficult for Non-EAA nationals to come to the UK in order to take up work.

The Work Permit Scheme was established to ensure that UK employers are able to employ a person from overseas. If a work permit is granted, this will allow a Non-EAA national to either enter the UK, or if already here to stay, whilst working for a specific employer. These company sponsored work permits are called Tier 2 visas.

At internationalworkpermits we have extensive knowledge and understanding of the Work Permit Scheme (now called tier 2 General). Whether you are already in the UK on a temporary admission, or in your country of residence planning to take up occupation in the UK, we are able to assist you with the Home Office procedure.

The consequences of working unlawfully in the UK are severe. Any individual applying for a work permit once in the UK will be switching their immigration status. They will have been in a category that has not permitted work in the same way as a work permit holder. If it can be proved that the intention was to work all along, there may be a breach of conditions of leave to remain, with a risk of removal under the Home Office’s powers of removal.

We have many clients that have contacted us with the belief that they were unable to remain in the UK for various reasons. We have been able to assess their situation and provide them with the solution relevant to their particular case.

The Work Permit Scheme is complex and detailed. If you are determined to remain in the UK, getting the right advice from properly qualified professionals is essential. With accurate legal advice you will avoid the pitfalls and disappointment of refusal. Contact us should you require a sponsorship licence ( a legal obligation for all company sponsorships as of 27.11.08). Also, the potential employee must satisfy the job advertising requirement .

The determining factor that will ensure your successful approval of your Home Office application is qualified, professional legal advice. Whilst the Home Office provides substantial information for individuals, there is a risk of refusal on the basis of legal technicalities. 

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