Here at International Work Permits Enquiry we assist in corporate work permits (now known as Tier 2 General) from small family run companies to some of UK's biggest corporations. International Work Permits [IWP] are highly experienced in assisting employers who have a genuine requirement for an employee who is not an EEA national. The applicant also requires specific skills to fulfill a vacancy that cannot be filled by a resident worker.

We realise the difficulty of getting UK employers willing to sponsor you for a work permit so if you do not have a willing employer, IWP are also conversant in the new changes in immigration law.

International Work Permits provide a three stage “end to end” corporate work permit package. We charge a ‘flat fee' for our complete service package which includes all sponsorship licences, advertising requirements, the preparation and submission of the application and liaising with the Home Office to ensure the speedy approval of the work permit, saving you, the client, time and energy. This service is offered under our “NO VISA, NO FEE” policy affording you total peace of mind that your application will be approved or you do not pay anything. Please note that sponsorship applications require a PBS licence and all applicants need to fulfill a set of qualifying criteria / points based .

Stage One
Apply for the Tier 2 registration licence if the company has yet to apply. NOTE: All companies will require registration for all work permit applications made after this date. Complete our assessment form in order for a consultant to assess the applicant / or employer's chances of success.                                                                                                                                                           

Stage Two
Issue a Certificate of Sponsorship using the sponsorship licence approved by the UK Border Agency. Then apply for the applicant's tier 2 visa / work permit. This would need to be extended a further time to complete 5 years on this visa (please note tier 2 intra-company transfers no longer count towards indefinite leave to remain)
Stage Three
Following the completion of the 5 years working in the UK, we will then assist the work permit / Tier 2 holder to obtain full UK residency / Indefinite leave to remain status and a year after that UK citizenship .


Tier 2 Visa (General)

The skilled worker category (Tier 2 General) is for people coming to the United Kingdom with a skilled job offer to fill a gap in the workforce that cannot be filled by a settled worker.  The qualifying jobs, and minimum salaries pertaining to these jobs, are shown on a Code of Practice occupations list:

Tier 2 Standard Occupational Code

Who can apply as a skilled worker?

Before you can apply for a (Tier 2 General) visa you must have a job offer from a UK firm, and that firm must have a Sponsor Licence and issue you with a Certificate of Sponsorship (this is a virtual document rather than a piece of paper).
There are two kinds of Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS):  An unrestricted CoS and a restricted CoS.
An unrestricted CoS may be issued by employers to people already here in the UK on work permits, Tier 2 (General), post-study work or student visas.  There is no cap on the number of Unrestricted CoS.
A restricted CoS is needed by  those outside the country or here in the UK on a visit, dependant or other unqualifying visa. This must first be requested by the employer from the Sponsor Licence Unit, and points will be awarded according to salary on offer – so the higher the salary, the more likely a sponsor is to be awarded a CoS.

Once you have a certificate of sponsorship you must still score a total of 70 points:

  • 50 points for your attributes (sponsorship, qualifications and future expected  earnings; and
  • 10 points for English language; and
  • 10 points for available maintenance (funds).

For initial applications the points are awarded as follows:

For the certificate of sponsorship

  • 30 points if switching from Tier 1 (PSW), or has passed the Resident Labour Market Test, or if job is a shortage occupation or the salary is £150,000 p.a. or are currently employed by the same employer.
  • 20 points if the salary is £20,000 and above or you your current leave to remain is as a work permit holder or Tier 2 (General) migrant before 6th April 2011.
  • There are very specific  and particular rules relating to how all your supporting evidence should be  prepared and presented and a number of variations to the above rules with regard to those who can apply under the transitional arrangements. Please refer to our Tier 2 Blog for further information on Tier 2 switching rules

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on - for a no-obligation assessment by a registered professional or complete our free online assessment . Our team of helpful consultants will revert to you within 24 hours of receipt of your enquiry and will gladly guide you through your options whether you are an employer with a prospective employee who requires a UK work permit, or a candidate who has a job offer and needs a work permit in order to lawfully take up your employment. Remember, we also represent your Tier 2 visa application on a same day basis at the UKBA Premium Service Centre (PSC) in Croydon as ever on a "no visa no fee" basis"

If you wish to proceed and understand the requirements for work permit sponsorship , you can contact a work permit specialist.

International Work Permits offer discounts on a sliding scale for employers looking to process numerous applications. A registered consultant would have to assess the eligibility of the application as the UK authorities have strict guidelines and not all work permits qualify.

Still not sure? Please refer to our testimonials page to see what a number of our past clients thought of us.

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