Tier 1 (General) is now closed to all new applicants and, as of April 2015, extensions of current tier 1 holders has also closed. Current tier 1 holders should be eligible for ILR / Settlement, but in some instances this might not be applicable and tier 2 could be another option. Contact us to see what your options are.

Tier 1 General Extension criteria:


The points awarded for Age differ for those switching over from HSMP and for those extending an existing Tier 1(General) visa.

Extension Applications for current HSMP visa holders

Under 30 years of age 20 points
30 or 31 years of age 10 points
32 or 33 years of age 5 points

Extension Applications for current Tier 1 (General) visa holders
Under 31 years of age 20 points
31 or 32 years of age 10 points
33 or 34 years of age 5 points

IWP Note: The applicant would receive the same amount of points for age as per the initial application made


Previous earnings will be calculated from any consecutive 12 month period within the previous 15 months that you worked in the UK before applying for an extension. Exceptions to this rule exist if you were absent from work during this period due to maternity leave or adoption-related leave.

In pounds per year Points scored
£16,000 - £17,999 5
£18,000 - £19,999 10
£20,000 - £22,999 15
£23,000 - £25,999 20
£26,000 - £28,999 25
£29,000 - £31,999 30
£32,000 - £34,999 35
£35,000 - £39,999 40
£40,000+ 45


It will also be possible for you to claim 5 points for UK Experience, if you could not previously do so. However, you must be able to claim points for Previous Earnings and have 16,000 GBP of those earnings made in the UK during that period.


You are not required to prove English Language ability again when applying for an extension.


You must show 900GBP as the main applicant and a further 600GBP per dependant.


If you are unable to qualify for an extension to your highly skilled migrant visa, there are transitional arrangements in place to allow you to move to another Tier, such as Tier 2 for skilled workers also known as 'sponsored work permits'.

When transitioning to another Tier, time spent in the UK under Tier 1 general will qualify towards the time required to qualify for settlement under the target tier. IWP can also assist in premium settlement applications and naturalisationContact us for legal representation in your case.


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