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I used other legal firms in the past and they did not manage to get the application approved at the Home Office. I used these people and they got my Indefinite Leave to Remain case done in 24 hours . They were very thorough and honest. I just wish I had used these people before - it would have saved me a lot of time and money. Mukunga, V

I used IWP' services on two occassions; once for advice in 2006 for my initial HSMP application as I was transitioning from a company-sponsored work permit and secondly in 2010 for the end to end processing of my ILR. IWP was an invaluable resource both times and in both instances I had successful apllications. IWP did a wonderful job on the ILR application; advising my of any risks with my application, suggesting the appropriate back-up documentation, discussing potential outcomes and keeping me informed throughout the day when my application was submitted. An otherwise stressful process was made very easy and seamless with his help. I would recommend him without hesitation for UK immigration advice and end to end processing (2006-2010) Tracey D

The staff at IWP have a great deal of expertise in immigration. They offer a fast, efficient and reliable service. Whenever I had a query, they provided me with detailed information that thoroughly addressed my concerns. If they did not happen to have an answer on hand, they worked dilligently in order to provide me with one. They keep abreast of new developments in immigration policy and inform their clients promptly. Above all, they work with a quiet and steady persistence in order to overcome any obstacles and arrive at a satisfactory solution ( Tier 1 General . 2009) JP

The IWP team provided my family and I an excellent, hassle-free service when we applied for ILR recently. We had a somewhat complicated application, little time to spend on the application ourselves and only a small window of opportunity to process the application. Chris gave me clear instructions of what was needed, met with me several times during the preparation period, kept me informed throughout of what was going on, and delivered our visa as promised and on time! DS

As the end of my initial HSMP visa approached, International Work Permits helped me get my three year extension. Mine was an unusual situation affected by a judicial review just a few months earlier. Despite that, IWP knew exactly what was needed and made sure my extension came through with no problems. I trust IWP!. ( HSMP Extension under Tier 1 General . 2009) B.Huval

We are very glad at the fast speed of the process. Once again, many thanks for making this possible so quickly and smoothly. ( intra-company transfer . November, 2008) PJ

I would like to say, your service is really appreciated, it's very reliable, fast and trustworthy. I will definately refer them to my friends and will contact them next year for my PR (2009, Tier 1 General) Surya

I contacted IWP when my visa was about to expire in a months time and my company had asked me to attain a Tier 1 (general) Highly Skilled before my current visa expires. International Work Permit provided me with a smooth and hassle free service and also made sure that my application is fast tracked. I got my visa 1 week before my previous visa expired. I was very well guided during the process and all my queries were well dealt with. I'm extremely happy with the fast and excellent service provided by them and would definitely go back to IWP when its time for my HSMP extension . I would recommend IWP to anyone who is applying for HSMP. Makki, Asad

Thanks for assisting me in my case for the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme - HSMP . The advice given to me was accurate and correct at all times. Furthermore, I have referred many friends as I feel they care about the cases and understand all of the relevant laws. My case was not straightforward but they persisted in getting the right documentation together and ultimately an approved case within little time. I would happily recommend this firm to anyone who was looking for assistance in this matter. Barhate, Anand

International Work Permits ' are a god-send; friendly and efficient, they made a nightmare process easy and took the stress out of applying for work permits for our seconded staff - we couldn't have done it without them. Their staff are always available to advise and reassure, and are worth their weight in gold! Thanks everyone for a great service! Louise Fether, HR Manager My friend referred them to me and the person in charge there got my case approved in record time. It was really hassle free. Thanks A. Srinivas

I would highly recommended the services of International Work Permits. They handled my successful application of an HSMP and accompanying partner visas. I found them to well informed and very thorough when gathering the required documents to support the application. Even though our case was far from straightforward, my rep went through all of the requirements and ensured that what we were submitting was appropriately detailed to ensure a successful application. They were extremely patient and responsive to the many email questions that we sent to them during the application process. Ryan Johnson

International Work Permits provided me with the right person for my immigration case. In my specific field, immigration can be complex and very stressful. Yet all of the most precise and correct information was presented to me and my application was very successful. Better still the rate was much better than many other immigration lawyers in the U.K. Tom Donald

I would like to thank International Work Permits so much for the excellent services I and my company received. I am happy to have put my trust in the company which made my work permit application go so smoothly. I truly recommend International Work Permits to anyone who wishes a hassle free visa application and I wish the company continued success. T. Dahari ASOS.com

I asked for an advisor at international work permit help re. HSMP in february 2007 and got my visa in 2 months time. though it took slightly longer than what i expected( delay at home office) but i didnt had to go through the hassle of doing everything. just handed my documents to him with a reasonable fees and he sorted it very efficiently. He was always available and despite stalking him with my phone calls, he was always very polite. I had no problems dealing with him. i had a very good experience and have already recommended him to a few of my friends. I will be looking forward to ee him in a couple of years time for extension of my visa. A.S.Yahya Senior House Officer UCLH

I am extremely happy with the service and support provided by International Work Permits when i applied for my HSMP VISA , especially the amount of personalised support given by him, one of their HSMP consultants. I had contacted International Work Permits after speaking to a few other agencies, and while most seemed just too keen to get you to sign up for their service even prior to answering some basic question, IWP were the only ones that took time to answer all my questions without so much as mooting the idea of a sign up to do so and when i did sign up, every step in the application went like clockwork and I would recommend their services to anyone looking for an extremly reliable and customer friendly VISA application/support service. Alwyn Joy - Senior Technical Consultant

After going through several sites on Internet for my HSMP queries, International Work Permits [IWP] were the only agencies who answered my back to back emails on daily basis , the appointed agent not only gave me the correct & legal advice but also helped me to take a valuable decision even before applying with them.Their no win no fees is a added relief on financial nerves.IWP is my personal recommendation for all those who wants to convert their student visa into HSMP like me with the help of expert and on the job consultant. Rajesh Kanojia

I would like to say how happy I am with the service provided by International Work Permits. My HSMP application was not quite straight forward and my consultant was persistent and thorough in ensuring I provided all the documentation necessary for lodging my application which was approved in just under two weeks. If it were not for his persistance and attention to detail, I would have spent much more time and money than required to get my HSMP Visa approved. My consultant also kept me up to date during the application process and provided great communication and advice in answering all my questions on what documents were required. I would not hesitate in recommending International Work Permits to anyone as they really do work hard to guarantee a successful visa application. Many thanks to my consultant and to International Work Permits. Justin NG

Thank you for the excellent service. Our liasion was very communicative and helpful. We could always reach you via phone and email and the replies were prompt and complete. The meetings were also very helpful. We were guided well through the process at every stage and were informed well in advance of the exact documentation that was required. There were no problems or hiccups in our process and everything proceeded and completed smoothly. Thanks again. Salman

I am very happy with the service - thanks for an excellent job. I have not even met IWP and sent all my documents by posta and IWP sorted out and in short time. Information provided by IWP is accurate and they stick to the dates and words. Suggestions by IWP were really helpful. All my friends were successful and happy with IWP. My application for Tier 1 visa was successful and they are value for money. Many thanks to you, IWP... (N RV, May 2010)

Quick response from IWP representative to my phone call and his instruction was simple and easy to understand. IWP ask for payment only if your application for Indefinate Leave to Remain is successful - which is the main point to chose their services. This was the first time I used and agency for my visa and I have to say my experience was very pleasant. I don't have to fill the lengthy and confusing forms for me and 2 dependants. The IWP representative was quick in his responses and all I needed to do was provide documents as asked...Brilliant!! Atul Sharma, May 2010

I am writing this email to discuss International Work Permits and how they assisted my in my visa issue. International Work Permits was recommended to me by a friend who had used their service after finding it on the internet. Both my friend and I needed assistance and guidance for applying for the Highly Skilled Migrant Program and this organisation appeared to provide this service for a reasonable price. I scheduled an appointment with a consultant after I had compiled what I thought I needed for my application. During this appointment, we discussed my needs and the application that I had put together and he provided me with solid practical advice about improving my application. As I had already had one application refused due to a very small error (submitting a reference on black and white letterhead rather than colour), I was eager for any advice about what could make my second application stronger. As I had already put together the majority of my application, the hour that I had paid for was not all needed. Because of this, he encouraged me to email him any questions that might arise and to also come back for a final check of my application prior to submitting it. Having someone to ask these questions and to know that an expert was looking at my application before sending it made a huge difference to me. Going through the process of applying for the HSMP and dealing with the Home Office was constantly stressful and difficult and I felt as though no one was actually answering the questions that I had. IWP provided that support and allowed me to send my application away with confidence. All in all, my experiences with International Work Permits was very positive and I would recommend the service to anyone that is considering applying for HSMP. Amy Davis



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