Obviously there is no obligation to use an immigration advisor, however, in many instances they can make the difference of an approved or refused application. I have devised a concise list of 5 requirements that your advisor should meet before you instruct anyone to assist in your immigration matter. It could be one of the most important choices you ever make, so choose wisely!

The 5 points for Choosing an Immigration Advisor:

(1) An obvious one, but people still trip up on this one.. Is the firm or individual registered to give immigration advice? Always check to see that they are either OISC registered or registered by the law society..

(2) How long have they been established? If they are only a few months old how can you be sure of past performance and whether the advisors are up to speed with all the various immigration quirks that there are?! You can usually check the age of a firm. For example, if they are OISC registered the beginning of the registration number tends to indicate the year that they were initially registered ex. F2005…

(3) How secure are your documents? Does the company in question have good security so you can be sure your documentation is safe?

(4) Do they over charge? Make sure that the fees are indicated before you instruct someone. In many instances, firms will only charge on approval (which I guess is an added motivation for them too!)

(5) Can you get in contact with them easily? Make sure you have an office number or email address should you have any questions..

We hope this helps!

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