Do I qualify to come to the UK as an Investor ?

You are required to show that you have enough finance funds to come as investor and in this case it will be simple enough to go through necessary procedure and you will not require a sponsored work permit / tier 2 sponsorship to enter the UK.

The requirements are:

* You must have at least £1 million in your control to invest in the UK or own personal assets which a value exceeding £2 million, taking into account any liabilities to which you are subject (i.e. personal net worth) and have money under your control in the UK amounting to no less than £1 million, which may include money loaned to you provided that is loaned by a financial institution regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority and must be invested in:

* Unit trusts

* Private companies


* Property investment companies.

* Off shore companies.

* Banks or building society accounts.

* The remaining £250,000 may be invested as you wish.

* You may not take employment beyond managing your investments.

* Having got the permission you will have to spend at least 50% of the time in the UK. It will mean that you are choosing the UK as your home.


If you have at least £2 million  net worth anywhere in the world, we can refer you to the bank with which we work closely. Bank will offer you a package able to assist you in the implementation of the £1 million investment requirement. The total cost of this financial package, is limited to an "up front" fee of £170,000 or less depending on your own personal circumstances. Bank will lend you the remaining amount to complete the £1 million investment required. No monthly interest payments are required and you will not receive any interest from your investment during the programme or capital return at maturity.

What about My Family?

You may apply for your spouse and children to accompany you as your dependants. Your children can go to the same schools as the local do. You can choose to send the kids to the private schools if you wish. You and your family have right to use free health care provided by the National Health Service. At the same time you can use your own private medical insurance if you wish.

Am I able to make the UK my home on a permanent basis?

Firstly you get the visa for the period of 24 months. You should transfer the declared funds to the UK within 3 months after you have entered the country. You can apply for the visa extension for 3 years more after you have stayed 24 months in the country. Usually you will not face difficulties to prolong your visa if:-

* The declared funds were transferred to the UK within 3 months.

* Any reduction in the value of your investment in the UK is due solely to fluctuations in share price,

* The total level of the investment is still in excess of £1 million.

In case your funds value falls  below  £1 million within your first 24 months in the country your application will be processed  with true fault-finding and you may not get your extension.

If you get your first extension successfully and then apply for the Permanent Residence after staying 5 years  in total in the UK it is most likely you get it. Then after a year after being granted the Permanent Residence you may apply for the naturalisation as a British citizen

How to apply?

- You must apply from outside of the country [entry clearance]

- International Work Permits can apply for this on your behalf, providing you have sufficient documentary evidence to show sufficient funds to apply. IWP will provide a plan and lodge the application on behalf of the client. Complete our FREE assessment form. We can offer solid business advise as well as the possible immigration avenues

Do not risk the disappointment and stress of refusal, when this can be avoided by a simple, no-obligation phone call: +44 (0) 207 866 8170