If you have Indefinite Leave to remain or "ILR" you are "settled" in the UK. There is no time limit on your stay, whether or not you chose to apply for British Citizenship .

Some people are given Indefinite Leave to Enter (AKA Permanent Residency) when they first come to the UK, for example children who are given permission to join a parent settled in the UK. For most other people, an entitlement to apply for ILR [also known as permanent residency] will arise after they have been in the UK for a certain period. This can be from a combination visas such as UK's Highly Skilled Migrant Programme [HSMP], HSMP judicial review , Tier 1 General , sponsored work permits / tier 2 general and many others. The period in question varies: for example a spouse or civil partner will be entitled to apply for ILR after two years / or 5 years of being in the UK on the basis of that relationship, whereas people in the UK on a work permit will need to work for five years before making an application for ILR. Although, not all work permits / tier 2s are eligible for settlement.

Individuals on ILR can work and they enjoy a range of other entitlements. They are also able to make a range of applications under immigration law, for example for family members to join them, that cannot be made by people who are in the UK on a temporary basis.

It is possible to lose the right of ILR. The most common way ILR is lost is by being away from the UK for two years or more. There are also powers to deprive people of ILR where they have committed a serious crime or pose a threat to national security.

European Union nationals and their family members are not granted ILR. Rather, they acquire ‘permanent residence’ when they have been in the UK for five years.

If you wish to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can assist you in your application. If you already have ILR endorsed in a passport and you wish to transfer the visa into a new passport then we can do this for you using the No Time Limit application form. Bear in mind, the new visas / ILR now come in the form of a Biometric Residency card and won't be endorsed in your passport anymore.

Please note in most instances we can apply for your ILR status on a same day basis with the UK Home Office / Border and Immigration Agency as we are registered to present cases at the Public Enquiry Office in Croydon. If you have a pre-booked slot in Croydon PEO then we can present it on your behalf on the day you have booked. Furthermore, we only charge once the visa has been received in the form of Biometric Resident Permit (BRP card) [Contact us  for free, no-obligation advice: 0207 866 8170]

What do we offer?

⇒ A detailed review of your circumstances to establish your eligibility to apply. 

⇒ The services of a leading UK Visa & Immigration specialist 

⇒ Gathering all your documents, ensuring that the information needed to support your application is correct, giving it the best possible chance of being accepted

⇒ Completion of your settlement application form

⇒ Completion of a detailed cover letter and copies of the supporting documentation for the Home Office caseworker

⇒ Booking of a same day appointment (if required) and representation of a member of staff on the day of the appointment

⇒ Regular contact giving you all the latest updates regarding your application and the laws in place by the Home Office

⇒ We only charge on approval and, unlike other firms, we do not charge for dependant applications if they are applying as family on the same Set O application

⇒ We have successfully completed over 5000 settlement applications and have been registered with the OISC since 2005!

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