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What do we do?

International Work Permits [IWP] manage applications and immigration solutions on behalf of some of the biggest companies and individuals throughout the Globe. We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to give up to the minute advice and assistance within immigration. IWP is a market leader in work permit sponsorship and licensing, Settlement and Naturalisation and general immigration advice. IWP have been recognised by the UK Border Agency (now UKVI) as advisors to prospective migrants applying under the PBS / Tier 2 system and are registered for same day applications at the Public Enquiry Office in Croydon

How long does the work permit / Visa process take?

In straightforward UK work permit applications , it can take roughly 2 weeks. For skilled visas this can vary from 4 weeks to 6 months. Ask your consultant on time frames or refer to the below for a very rough estimate based on start to finish.

Note: International Work Permits can speed up these applications by applying for same day processing (in some instances)

This means we only charge on approval of the case. To this end, you can rest assured we will do all the necessary preparation for the case to be approved.

Aside from legal fees, are there any other fees I must pay?

Please note that aside from the legal fees for managing your immigration procedure, you must also pay the Government application fees, which vary depending on the visa you choose and the country that you wish to migrate to. The Government fees are non-refundable and are not subject to VAT. Our legal fees incur VAT at 20% if you are resident within the European Union [EU].

Why us?

We are registered professionals with a proven track record: Click here to find out more about our services or click here to hear what our clients have said about our service.

How much does a UK visa cost?

Different visas are different prices however your immigration advisor will be able to inform you of these costs.

If I live outside of the UK, does the immigration process change?

Yes, it will not be the Home Office who decides your application but the UK Embassy of your home country.

Do I need to contact the High Commissioner in my own country for a UK visa?

You will need to apply to the UK Embassy in your home country if you would like to enter the UK under any visa. If you are already in the UK on a visa then you will need to apply to the Home Office in the UK.

What do I do if my visa application is rejected?

There are options; firstly, you may appeal the decision if you have been given a right of appeal, or alternatively you may submit a fresh application. There may be instances when you may appeal an incorrect appeal decision, or even take the matter to the high court.

Must I pay the NHS surcharge when I apply for ILR?


My visa is going to expire soon. When is the earliest date I can apply for ILR?

Generally speaking it is 28 days short of the qualification period, however, there are other factors that could mean it could be earlier or later.

Immigration law is constantly changing, how can I keep abreast of all the changes?

Keep checking the Home Office / UK Visas and Immigration website. We also offer a blog that discusses a number of immigration issues. This can be found at the following: click Immigration Blog


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